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Tara West, aka ‘ T ‘ is an Internationally Published Editorial, Fashion and Interior Photographer based in Toronto, Canada.

Tara West was born and Raised in Canada.  She is dedicated to the art of masterful lighting. Her work reflects a warm, rich mood that evokes emotional representation.

“I was fortunate to be surrounded by the arts from a very young age. My mother was a choreographer and singer… I shared her love of dance for many years. My father, an interior decorator, with an appreciation for the art of photography. I grew up with a studio in my home, where band and dance rehearsals were a daily normal-icy. My family was anything but the ‘nine-to-five’ folk…and that was just fine with me.

“My love for fashion, Design and photography has always been present. As a child, I would pull my favorite tear sheets from every issue of Vogue and plaster them all over my bedroom. I would critique the clothing, models, sets and photography. After a few years, I learned how to sew, and made many of my own clothes. While fashion design seemed to be my calling, my fondness for photography evolved from a brief teenage modeling career and an intern placement, in a Toronto Modeling Agency, during my high school years. I spent a couple of years observing the ‘other side’ of the camera, only to realize that I was far more engrossed in the photographer’s job…

“Whether it is working with up-and-coming designers, at Events such as New York Fashion Week, a Magazine Editorial with a high profile personality, a creative shoot, or Interior Photography assignments,  I approach every project with a desire to capture & share ‘The story’.  I am passionate about the collaboration of creative teams to bring all the pieces together, and breathe life into those magical moments.”


T. xo

Tara West is based in Toronto, travelling to Los Angeles and New York on assignment basis.

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