Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014 ~ New York~ shot for FAJO Magazine

And you feel the Thumping of the Drums in your chest, as the people quiet and the lights go dim…ready…the adrenaline at this moment is powerful…I Looove this moment!

….every photographer has their ‘spot’ thanks to Richard Renda, Producer and the ‘Totally Cool’ Spirit of the Media Pit…. The Models shine, and flow down that Runway like they are living their Dream…cause likely, they Are.  That very moment, and, the music, always takes me awayyyy!!… I can hear the continuous sound of the camera shutters all around me…impressively all in Sync, with each Model who walks towards us…We share a world at that moment, that few get to experience…I am grateful. Yet, our eyes, also serve as a vehicle to be able to share those moments, that we each see,  with the world….kinda cool.

The garments fit each model like it was made for her…the Designers, Make up and Hair… co-ordinate Chaos backstage, they too, Are living their Dream….they hussel, So they can present each and every look with a vibe of it’s own…it doesn’t escape me for a moment, that for the Designers, each and every piece of that look, started with a thought….a pure  thought, then time, time to create…a piece of each of their Dream.

To The Designers of these images: Thank you for bringing life to a piece of your DreamRuffian, Monique Lhuillier, Rebecca Minkoff, Custo Barcelona, Camen Marc Valvo…..

These images serve as reminders and inspiration to myself, as I sat at the foot of that Runway, being an observer and documenting others Dreams, while living a little piece of my Dream…T.xo


Ruffian-5828-2 CarmenMarcValvo-5518 CarmenMarcValvo-5476 CarmenMarcValvo-5458 CarmenMarcValvo-5379 CarmenMarcValvo-5378 CarmenMarcValvo-5330 Ruffian-5935-2 Ruffian-5931-2 RebeccaMinkoff-5761 RebeccaMinkoff-5751 Ruffian-5811 Ruffian-5832 Ruffian-5863 Ruffian-5883 RebeccaMinkoff-5703 RebeccaMinkoff-5699 RebeccaMinkoff-5696 RebeccaMinkoff-5682 MoniqueLhuillier-6741 MoniqueLhuillier-6708 MoniqueLhuillier-6689 MoniqueLhuillier-6654 RebeccaMinkoff-5732 MoniqueLhuillier-6635 MoniqueLhuillier-6276 MoniqueLhuillier-6382 MoniqueLhuillier-6409 MoniqueLhuillier-6438 MoniqueLhuillier-6480 MoniqueLhuillier-6532 MoniqueLhuillier-6552 CustoBarcelona-7692 CustoBarcelona-7608 CustoBarcelona-7578 CustoBarcelona-7440 CustoBarcelona-7303 CustoBarcelona-7268 CustoBarcelona-7255 CustoBarcelona-7038 MoniqueLhuillier-6242 CarmenMarcValvo-5605 CustoBarcelona-6864

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